Thursday, May 22, 2008

And now for the Juniors

So my Juniors were assigned the task of assembling a portfolio on WWII. While their grammatical errors were not as profuse as my seniors' (figure that one out) they did have some pretty humorous things to say, so I thought I would share:

“Our nation is like a heavy weight boxer. If we get punched in the mouth, you better expect to get knocked out.”

“Churchill and Roosevelt combined and destroyed all who stood in their way. Sort of like Batman and Robin, but without the cool suits that made it look like you had a six-pack.”

“We must rationalize our food consumption in order to feed you brave soldiers in the war.”

“Dwight worked for two years, and then went to apply to a Navel Academy.”

“…during this time is when he start build some of his Anti-Jew sediments.”

“I can’t believe that you have only been gone for a month and a half it seems like so much longer. I thought this may make your day happier to know that we are expecting our third child in eight months.”

Only one week left and then on to the blessed peace of summer vacation--I can hardly wait. I'm pretty sure I'm more excited than my students are, but they would beg to differ. Little do they know that it's much harder to be a teacher than it ever was to be a student.


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playasinmar said...

Palestinian Deltas are created as anti-Jew sediments collect over the years.