Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enjoy the stupid!


So I had my students watch the Presidential debates and they had to write summaries and then follow up with their opinion. Some of the things they said were so entertaining. Clearly they were not watching the same debates I was. And clearly some of them are just stupid. Nonetheless I have decided that excerpts from their papers are too choice not to share so please enjoy the stupid!

It seemed like all McCain said the whole time was, “Thank you, thank you for that question. That was a good question. You are wonderful. America is great. I can do it. I have done things before and I can do this. I can do it. I will do it. Obama sucks. You guys are amazing.”
It was obvious that she totally owned Biden. It was a contest between a sharp “maverick” and a delusional madman.

I wasn’t really looking forward to watching the debates considering it overtook grey’s anatomy but I got over it.

I always considered Palin smart and witty, but after that comment, knowing that she must have been prepped on that part of Bidens life, I felt like she was being a b word that I shouldn’t write in this paper.

Biden disagrees that heterosexual marriages should be allowed.

It seemed like Palin was too busy slinging mud and talking about how she did things back in Alaska that she never really go the answer the questions…. Really how many Americans do you know that have been to Alaska?

In this debate we learned that Obama is a cheater because he would not stick to the time limits. Although McCain did not either, he at least attempted and did not just plain ignore them…. At the end of the debate, I felt like McCain ended up looking like the bigger man, and Obama ended up looking like a liar and a cheater.

Obama gave the appearance of a sleazy car salesman, someone who wanted to sell you something quick and didn’t want you to look to hard at the fine print or in this case his actual views of the topics. He uses a lot of rock bands and movie stars as a reference as to what a great guy he is, hoping to catch the eye of the young and uniformed voter as the “cool” choice. McCain has actual members of government and friends and family to back him up. McCain’s personal appearance was not one of a flashy, shiny toothed camera loving politician, but more of a humble guy who has experience and has been through a lot, and ACTUALLY CARES.

When I watched this it was very hard for me to follow along with what they were saying, probably because I didn’t care much for what they were saying. I am sure when I am older I will care but for now I have no idea what they are talking about. Overall I think John McCain won the debate because he was bringing out the truth about Barrack Obama. Obama has socialist views on health care and on the economy. If history has taught us anything, it is that Socialism does not work, for example look at the USSR and all the Eastern European countries during 1991. During this very crucial time in our nation’s history, we need a man with experience who can run our country into the right direction. Obama has no experience in Washington, nor has he ever worked with everyone in Congress. Obama is by far the most far left liberal and inexperienced candidate in our country’s history.
I do not enjoy watching these presidential debates at all. I find them extremely boring and hard to understand. After watching last wednesdays presidential debate I thought that McCain won overall because he taught me things about Barrack Obama that I never knew. I never knew that Obama was friends with communist people and that he has socialist views on certain things. Frankly I don’t like what he is all about and I don’t want a weirdo running our country, so if I were allowed to vote I would vote for McCain. I did like Barrack during the start of the campaign but now I have realized what he is all about. I don’t trust someone that is good friends with communists and socialists and they should be nowhere near having the job of protecting millions for American lives. Hopefully us, the American people make the right choice on who is to be our future president, whoever that is.

I think McCain needs to calm down he acted like a baby all through the presidential debates.
I really love McCain and think that he should win. He said a lot of comments that made Obama feel stupid…. All I know is that if I were able to vote, I would vote for McCain. I think he would be a better President. he would help America out a lot more than Obama would. So please vote for McCain Ms. Bastian.

I think Obama is a straight up lunatic who would do nothing but run the country down the toilet.
Once thing i noticed is how McCain would get very worked up over a subject and Obama would just kind of smile and act like McCain was an idiot.