Thursday, September 4, 2008

politics ruin my life...sort of

Being a government teacher at ye old semi-local high school during an election year trying to keep my personal political views as private as possible is not an easy task. I've kept up on both conventions and watched the "important" speeches each night and find myself at some points barely restraining objects flying from my hands toward the TV. At one point Drex offered me some Chinese candy to throw at the screen during certain speech. Some politicians remain on mute because they make me physically ill while I find myself drawn to the most unlikely of speeches.

It's so hard to remain politically neutral when I just want to yell, "CANDIDATE X IS CLEARLY THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE NATION!!!! ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CAN SEE THAT!!!" I know that everyone has their agency and all that jazz, but sometimes, politics ruins my life. And I can't stand when my students blatantly disrespect either candidate. They both deserve some respect and I can't seem to beat that into their heads. Oh well...November isn't actually all that far away.

I also hate pot-shot politics from either side. Can't we just argue policies? Boo...hissssss

Now I'll leave it to Drex to get back to spirituality...



Marlo said...

wouldn't it be cool if someday one could have a spiritual experience while discussing politics? not sure where that thought came from, but I'm also thinking I'm far from the person I would need to be for that to be possible. Something to work on I suppose, but maybe I should start with something a little less daunting ;)

playasinmar said...

Salad loves Giuliani.
Salad loves Giuliani.

Kengo Biddles said...

When I've heard stuff about some of the candidates I've just about had an Aneurysm. Miki was watching one of the Conventions the other day and the drivel that they were dishing out made me want to throw up, destroy the TV and set fire to the nearest outpost of that political party at the same also terrified me for the future of my children in this nation.


And I agree with Playa--we both know you really wish it was Giuliani who had won the nomination.

salad said...

death to both playa and kengo :P