Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i'm not dead

I have about a dozen things I've been wanting to blog on, but I've been so thrashed with work and writing out announcements and watching Alias and stuff that I haven't actually done any of it. Seriously, staring at my computer for 8 hours straight isn't too conducive to blogging when I get home. I've never had such a non-desire to go on my computer.

Pending blog posts include my take on mixed-orientation dating, the doctrine of letting go (which I convinced my bishopric should be the topic of my talk in a week and a half), my comments on pop rocks, and how great the Matis' are.

Also, goldencompassmovie.com has a cool thing figuring out your daemon. Here's mine, and your input will help it be shaped to my actual personality. An interesting concept.


Marmoreal said...

uh, sorry about the daemon thing. yeah, you had this cool looking tiger and I wanted to try this out and put in some input and now it's a goose. obviously, I only know you through blogging and so I didn't want to put "strongly agree" since I don't know you that well. Apparently, a simple "agree" isn't enough to keep the original daemon. oops :)
I hope someone who knows you better will add their input and get your tiger back!

Hidden said...

Hmm... yeah my answers didn't match yours. And I didn't see the goose. Am I looking in the wrong place? I think you're a kitty cat now... oops.