Wednesday, May 2, 2007

samantha's questions - round:drex

1. Of course, every person secretly believes that he or she would make a marvelous movie star. If you could be the star in any major movie, which movie (and role) would it be?
Hey wait, I'm in a movie! We just have to make it a major movie. ;) A run on Broadway would be nice, too.'s a toss up. I'd be Shawn Ashmore in X-Men as Bobby Drake/Iceman because I would have sweet ice powers and look hot in a leather uniform, or I'd be Jet Li in Hero, because I'd be the most awesomest martial artist EVER. And be able to fly. Ish.

2. Think of an amazing person you know. You don't necessarily have to have met the person, but you need to have some knowledge of him/her. What three personal traits would you like to borrow from this most amazing person? Why?
The person is Peter Petrelli, and the traits are telekinesis, spontaneous regeneration, and flight. It was a close call between flight and invisibility, but the mobility granted by the later trait would be much fun. The whys should be obvious - I'm one of those guys that from a young age wanted super powers. Telekinesis is just awesome - the idea of moving things with one's mind is really fun. Regeneration, especially of the variety that Peter manifests, would render me essentially invincible.
Oh, is that not what you meant? If we're talking real people, it would be my father for his patience, humility, and ability at dealing with things in general.

3. You wake up one morning to find that you've become a Muppet. Which one are you, and what is the first thing you'll do?
I'm Rowlf the dog, and the first thing I do is find my way over to the nearest out of tune piano (because I, Rowlf, love out of tune pianos) and play me some ragtime music. Drawn by my unparalleled piano prowess and my undeniable performing energy, a group of Muppets quickly materializes around me, and a spur-of-the-moment musical hit is born. We top the Billboard charts for weeks thereafter, and I begin the hit Muppet group "Rowlf's Renegades," who embark on a 7-month tour of the world.

4. As Queen of the Queerosphere I have granted you a hypothetical privelege. You may choose any person from the Queerosphere with whom to spend 12 hours. You must spend the entire time one-on-one. How will you spend your day?
Hmm. I already hang out with a lot of my favorite people in the Queerosphere, so I would probably choose someone I haven't been able to meet in real life. In that case, it would probably be the ever-mysterious -L-, and while I would want to pick his brain about a lot of things before the day was done, it would be far more fun to hit up a big amusement park and go on roller coasters all day. =D

5. There is a rumor that college students subsist on meals largely made up of mac 'n cheese and Ramen Noodles. Suppose that every meal you eat from this day forward must contain Ramen Noodles. How will you spice them up?
Ramen can hardly be considered a real food, but I have made some halfway decent stir-fry meals using Ramen. Oriental chicken salads with crushed Ramen noodles (not cooked) are pretty good, as well. Any pasta dish could probably get away with having Ramen noodles mixed in. I wonder how fruit salad with Ramen noodles would work. Or octopus.



salad said...

I resent being referred to so casually :P

-L- said...

"Ever mysterious..."

Wow. I've got quite a rep to live up to. May you never actually meet me and realize how boring and normal I am.

drex said...

Bah. That's part of why it would be fun. Who'd want to go on roller coasters with a weirdo? ;)

Mormon Enigma said...

... Or octopus