Monday, April 30, 2007

Samantha's Questions

1. If you found a crystal ball that was fairly ancient but had just enough energy to answer one question, what one thing would you like to know about the future?

A: Are we going to get rid of money?? Seriously, that stuff ruins my life.

2. If you had a secret weapon that would make you invincible, what would your personal secret weapon be called and how would it work?

A: I think I would choose invisibility. Then I could attack people in their sleep and they’d never know what was going on. That and I could listen in on a whole lot of conversations and learns lots of weird stuff that would lead to me being able to take over the world!

3. Most people have ingested at least one item that is not food (crayons, paper, paste, dirt, etc.) What non-food item have you eaten, how did it taste, and why did you eat it?

A: Hmm….the only “non-food” item I can recall eating is chapstick—usually lipsmackers—but that’s more a result of putting on a whole bunch and licking it off my lips…except for the one time when I made Gimple, GBYUS, Calvin, and Drex try the pink lemonade flavor by having them put it on their fingers and lick it off. I had to do it first so they knew it was ok. Lame, I know, but it works.

4. You die and find out that, indeed, reincarnation does exist. You may come back as any other entity, as long as it's not human. What will you choose?

A: That’s a tough one. I think I’d come back as a book.

5. Suppose you discovered an unlimited cash reserve that you must spend in the next two hours. You may buy one item and only one. What will it be?

A: ONLY ONE?????? Whose stupid idea was that?? Well, if it’s unlimited, I obviously can’t spend it all at once, so I reserve the right to interpret this question in such a way that I can buy multiple things later, but have to buy one super great item in the next two hours. I would buy a library…mmmmmm, yes, a library *covets*



Brady said...

What!?! You told me the pink lemonade lipsmackers was edible! Now I feel really stupid...

I totally didn't believe you anyway.

brother bob said...

1) LAME. You'd probably ask if there was booze in heaven or something.
2) Wrong! You'd choose that psycho chick's power in Heroes and you'd torture the crap out of everyone by bringing their deepest fears to the surface. You'd make me have to go through a maze of automatic revolving doors and it'd be hell.
3) That stuff is good (:
4) What book, then?
5) You better buy that island sista, or you're in for a world of pain!

The Hidden Gay said...

1) Why didn't I get mentioned in the eating of lipsmackers or the californiaing? I WAS THERE TOO DAMMIT! (boo, you whore @ the beach ROFL)
2) I would def be...umm Hidden. "You know your life is ironic when..."
3) I've eaten dirt and crayons and probably loads of other things... but nothing beats POP ROCKS...while making out of course. Oh. I guess that strays from the question huh? Do pop rocks count as edible? But none of those even being to touch Sarah's underfing R O F L... oh man you guys need to stop being tired and recount the greatness that was Cali...
4) Um, I'd come back as a duck-billed platypus so I wouldn't be extinct anymore. ("He's totally eating duck-face!")
5) I would buy everything owned by the Church. Hmmm... I can see this causing all kinds of controversy...and problems. *shrug*

~Hidden's Meta-Post #43

vanessa said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I ate a paint ball?

salad said...

What??? you ate a paint ball? how did I miss out on that story??

vanessa said...

Yeah, so there was this bag of bright orange balls sitting on our wash machine and brilliant me goes "Hmm, what are these? Looks like gumballs!" And I proceeded to shove one in my mouth and chew. Needless to say, it definitely wasn't a gumball . . .