Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Come to our Heroes party! details in the post

Mmmm, the Matis’…what fun we had. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun in a social gathering of that size. I’m not the most socially graceful person in the world and I take serious issue with large groups of people. You’ll typically find me on the sidelines looking really uncomfortable and keeping my eye on the nearest escape route, but I felt none of that last night. There were a couple of times when I completely stuck my foot in my mouth, but it happens and I’m sure those instances have been forgotten by the other parties involved.

I had no idea what to expect when we got there, so it was amazing. We had great food (I echo Drex’s sentiments that you Mohos are fantastic cooks), good conversation and much spiritual growth. At one point Drex decided to go downstairs to get some water and didn’t return for several minutes so I texted him to find out where the heck he was (also looking for an excuse to avoid being questioned by a girl that was writing a paper). He texted back saying that the Matis’ were sharing more details about Stuart and I bee-lined it downstairs. As soon as I stepped into the basement I was enfolded in the embrace of the Spirit. It was so cool. We listened to the Matis’ share experiences and another woman share her experiences with her son as well. As I was sitting there I felt so strongly that everything I am doing and have done is completely in line with what the Lord desires of me. Drex and I are both working hard and the Lord recognizes that and is pleased with what we’ve accomplished together. It was the most amazing and all-encompassing feeling I’ve had in a few weeks. I am really grateful that I was able to listen to what they said and feel the spirit that they carry with them.

They also spoke about the support that homosexuals have from the brethren. They listed off several General Authorities that they have talked to personally and the steps that the General Authorities are taking to help break down the walls and prejudices in the Church. It was exciting to me to think that our generation gets to be a part of the change. Not only that, but we are involved in something much greater than ourselves and we have the opportunity to make a huge difference. It’s awe-some to think about.

After the spiritual discussion we sat around with my roommate/Drex’s cousin and several other of our friends (both old and new) and had so much fun talking and laughing. The whole experience was fun and enlightening and I can’t wait to go back next month.

Oh, and a big PS here…we’re having a Heroes party at my apartment this Friday. We’re going to start around 4:30 and I think we might plan on doing pizza or something food-wise (so if you plan on coming and could bring a couple of dollars, my checkbook would be exceedingly grateful ;)). If you’d like to come, feel free to email me or Drex…our email addresses are in our profiles. We’ll probably go until BYU curfew (1:30am) at which point I will have to kick you out or get smitten. We’d love to see many of you there even if you can only stay for a little bit. Let us know!



Vanessa said...

I want to come to your Heroes party! :)

Stephen said...

I wanna come!