Sunday, April 22, 2007

mean girls and ringing

We finally had that Mean Girls party tonight! I'm glad a bunch of you could make it. And by a bunch, I mean that we peaked at 20 people in that little living room. I had fun! It's really interesting to see how we all interact with each other, and it was fun to meet some new people and introduce some of our new people to the general group.

Also, a bit about ring shopping. Which we've been doing. It's a pretty tedious thing for most guys, and I'm not really an exception to that rule. I won't lie - the first day we did ring shopping, I was not really enjoying myself. We hit up the University Mall and saw all the jewelers there, and mostly it was just depressing for both Salad and me, because everything that looked good was way out of our price range, nothing was very variable, and most of the people weren't all that interested in helping us find something that would work for us. Today we hit up Sierra West, though, and had a much better experience. The sales guy there was very nice, very knowledgable, and extremely helpful. The stuff that they had was much more up our alley, and the prices were much better than in the mall. We'll see where it all goes - I'll keep everyone posted as we figure more stuff out. And if we get a ring from there, there's some sort of incentive for referring people, so if anyone else ends up needing to get a ring, head over there and tell them we sent you. ^_~

That's all. It's late.


Oh yeah PS brother Bob is going to Hawaii on his mission. God loves this family. First California for me, now Hawaii for him? I don't know where our next brother can go to compare.


Le Mec said...

I'm glad I stopped by last night, it was fun to see everyone, though I"m sad I didn't get to chat w/ both of you very much. Oh and that's exciting about the ring! Hope you pick out a real dandy one! (I can't believe I just used "dandy". Oh well.)

Samantha said...

I'm sad I didn't get to stay and visit more with you. Next time, maybe? Thanks for letting me stop by anyway. :)

playasinmar said...

I like your new banner. I also like that it says,

"ding in plain sight"

Sounds a little naughty.

brother bob said...

Boo, you whore.

Sir Jupiter said...

LOL, looks like all your missions have hit vacation spots.

Someone in your family needs to go to South America and get a parasite like I did. It's only fair!

But then again, I'm from Orange County, so perhaps I had it comin'...