Saturday, April 7, 2007

Shoe and ships and sealing wax

I echo Drex’s sentiments about meeting those of you who decided to drop by last night. I wish we had gotten to talk more, but it was definitely fun getting to see you. Who new that Heroes could do so much to bring friends together (I’ll bet the pizza helped a little (: )? I’m definitely looking forward to many more activities over the summer.

As Drex mentioned, he talked to his brother Thursday night and things seemed to go pretty well. I’ll admit though, I wondered if his brother was really as ok as he said he was. Turns out that like me when I found out, he’s had a hard time wrapping his mind around everything. It doesn’t really help that he’s trying to synthesize everything at once, but I think he’ll survive. Bob (I hate using pseudonyms sometimes) and I talked for about 45 minutes when I picked him up for the Heroes party and then for an hour and a half after Drex and I got back from dropping off the last of our party friends. Bob continues to prove the fact that he’s a pretty special and unique kid. I wish I could outline our conversations for you so you all could appreciate the kind of person that he is, but as it was uber late and I was uber tired, the details are a bit fuzzy for me.

I’m watching the food network as I’m writing this and I have to say, some of the things they do are just nuts! This chick was using a cake decorator frosting putter-oner (yes, I made up a new label) to put tarragon butter on cucumber sandwiches for kids. First of all, WHAT CHILD WOULD WILLINGLY EAT A CUCUMBER SANDWICH??? Second of all, that’s way too much work for a kid’s meal. Anyway, I digress.

I feel like I should wax spiritual, but I’m just not as good at expressing everything I think and feel as I want to be. I’ll have to think on it and come up with some really good, but short, treatise on something. Alright, I have to go drop my roommate off and then work on not being lazy for the whole day…



Anonymous said...

Bob, if he were here (this is purely hypothetical), would probably make some statements such as:

"I certainly will not survive."
"If by pretty special you mean completely retarded."
"A bit fuzzy? More like completely plastered."

Things like that. Seriously, though, it's surprisingly not that big a deal, honestly. I...erm, Bob promises that there aren't any pent up angry emotions or anything. Sometimes life's a bitch...Bob'll just sit on the sideline and count his blessings this isn't one of his trials.

playasinmar said...

Perhaps Bob knows who all was at the party, after all.

iwonder said...

I've always loved cucumber sandwiches. yummy.