Thursday, March 8, 2007

just a dip in the pond

Ok, well Drex has posted thrice and I have made a relatively poor showing—in my defense, I’ve only been a part of the blog since last night. I think that buys me a little forgiveness :P

My posts will mostly likely be significantly less in number as I’m not a very good journal writer and by the time I get around to even thinking about it, I’m already in bed nodding off to whatever brain candy happens to follow my scripture study.

Speaking of scripture study, we had our second session tonight which ended up being quite a bit more rowdy than last night, but we still felt “uplifted and edified.” We were reading about how Lehi names the river and the valley after Laman and Lemuel and laughed at the wording and some of the mental images that came as a result of the fact that we haven’t gotten very much sleep in the last…too long to even think about. We also discussed the idea that “dwelling in a tent” can be synonymous with communing with God. I’d never thought of it in that vein before, but it makes complete sense. Studying the scriptures with someone, not your family, who you deeply care about is an amazing experience and one I recommend to all.

Drex, his brother, and I are all taking a class in Asian history together and we had to watch this movie for it tonight. Pretty much I’m never going to get those 3 hours back. The last line of the movie was “WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!” which is exactly what I felt like screaming when it was over. It was completely pointless and I have no idea why Murdock’s daughter thinks it’s so great.

I’m not as cool and insightful as Drex, but give me time and sleep and I’m sure I can come up with some worthwhile things to say. I also have comments I want to add about a few of his posts, but I’m far too incoherent to make them now—I’ll save them for the next post.


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-L- said...

Well, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. I've been trying to convince my wife to contribute to my blog for a while, but so far she won't even comment. She just lurks and tells me what she would say and we both laugh and I feel sorry for everyone else and how they don't get to hear how hilarious she is.

Also, apparently I talk about myself a lot. Even in a comment about your post on your blog. Sorry.