Thursday, March 22, 2007

Soulforce and other such stuffs

Wonder of wonders, I'm actually posting...

This won't be terribly long because I really need to get to bed, but there are some things that I wanted to get down before I totally forgot. And sorry for those of you waiting anxiously for the continuation of our story...I'm still working on it :P

Soulforce--what can I say? I will fully admit to having anti-Soulforce sentiments previous to this week. I'm still not entirely sure as to where I stand with regards to them, but I'm not as anti- as I was before. We went to a discussion night last night that was much more successful than I was expecting. There were over 60 people there and it ended up being a fairly good dialogue with the exception of a few people who had no idea what they were talking about. I feel like the Soulforce people were starting to understand the point-of-view of the LGBT community here at BYU.

After the Soulforce people left we stuck around and talked for at least another hour. I am really glad we went and I got to learn more about everything. There were only 2 parts that I didn't enjoy: I was super tired and had a hard time focusing, and I was sitting in the same position for way too long which made my back super cranky.

Today we went to the rally and I was actually really impressed by the first 3 speakers and then by the "musical number." They had some really great things to say and I felt like they were speaking with inspiration and a real desire to make the situation at BYU better. The next 2 people that spoke totally killed any good feelings I had felt. They took scripture out of context, took Church history out of context, advocated a complete change in Church doctrine and encouraged people to "stand up in the face of oppressive Church leaders." It's no wonder Soulforce feels like they need to change the doctrine of the Church in order to make things better. With people like that as their contact people they couldn't gain anything but a skewed view of the Church and where people stand. I was really frustrated with the end of the rally, but I have to admit that I was impressed by the overall experience. Hopefully things will be even better next year and the communication between the university and Soulforce will actually be productive.

After the rally Drex and I went back to my place to make dinner and generally veg around...well, I had homework to do, so it wasn't all relaxation. Poor Drex is so sick. We pretty much just sat and watched the Pitt v. UCLA and OSU v. Tenn games. Thankfully my Bucks pulled through for me again, but they had me nervous for a while.

I will blog about other things and continue our story later, but I'm going to head to bed now so I don't catch what Drex has and die this weekend.


PS: my family is coming in to town this weekend and I'm super excited...I'll let you know how everything goes


playasinmar said...

D&C 38:26

For what man among you having twelve sons, and is no respecter of them, and they serve him obediently, and he saith unto the one: Be thou clothed in robes and sit thou here; and to the other: Be thou clothed in rags and sit thou there—and looketh upon his sons and saith I am just?

salad said...

I can't claim to be perfect and have perfect view points. I was sharing my opinion and I feel like I'm a lot more open minded than a lot of people you would meet at BYU and in the surrounding areas, so take that for what it is and run with it.

playasinmar said...

1 Ne. 19: 23-24

23 And I did read many things unto them which were written in the books of Moses; but that I might more fully persuade them to believe in the Lord their Redeemer I did read unto them that which was written by the prophet Isaiah; for I did liken all scriptures unto us, that it might be for our profit and learning.