Sunday, March 25, 2007

a weekend in brief

Man, I missed two nights of posting. The reason why is that my brother has been staying at my apartment to recuperate from getting three fillings and four wisdom teeth removed on Friday afternoon. He's been in a pretty sad state, and I have an extra bed in the apartment. Plus my mom all but commanded me to take care of him. :P At any rate, my brother doesn't know about me yet, and while I have no problems with telling him, I'm waiting until it feels like the right time for him to hear about it. I suspect he already knows, but the fact that he hasn't addressed it and that he's coping with finding out some of our other friends are gay leads me to believe that it still isn't quite time to bring it up. Soon, though.

Salad's family drove into SLC on Friday evening and came down to spend the morning and early afternoon with us yesterday. I made belgian waffles for breakfast (yum yum), Salad's parents and grandpa went to the temple while we went and watched TMNT (good, silly movie), then we trucked over to Shoots, the best Chinese place in town, and had lunch. It was very fun - Salad was impressed that her family made complete fools of themselves and that I took it all in stride. Honestly, I wasn't aware that anyone made fools of themselves. Isn't weird behavior normal for most families?

Also, we have a new Moho friend! We met him briefly at the discussion group with Soulforce on Thursday, and Hidden had a chance to actually spend some time getting to know him. He and Hidden came over last night and we watched The Matrix (edited, because I'm silly like that), since Hidden had seen the last 60% of the movie 10 times or more and Salad had never seen any of it. I don't know how everyone else liked it, but I had fun. We'll have to do more stuff in the future. I'm going to call our new friend Kyle until he comes up with some name for himself.

All the activities and such over the weekend got me to thinking...I really like meeting a lot of you people in real life. What if over the summer we had some sort of monthly get-together? We could all go hang out at a park, maybe bring some food to munch on, maybe see a movie in a theatre or at someone's house, whatever. I know some people are wary of such gatherings, but I think it could be a lot of fun. And even if it doesn't happen, Salad and I are always willing to hang out and have fun (provided we're not swamped with schoolwork at the time). Spending time with Hidden, meeting Pinetree, Kyle, AtP and El Veneno have been some of the highlights of my month.

At that, I suppose I should be getting ready for church or something.


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My Best Is All I Have said...

A monthly gathering sounds great! Why don't you all drive down to L.A. for a picnic? :D