Tuesday, March 20, 2007

meeting new people

So tired today, but it was a good day. Work and classes and all that jazz, but basically all day I was just pumped to go up to see the Joseph Smith movie again. What made it even better was that AttemptingThePath and El Veneno decided to join us. And just as I suspected, they're really cool and we had a good time. I wish we could have had more time to just talk or hang out or something, but I guess that'll have to happen some other time. Seriously. Plus, this time watching the movie I set a new record - I only used 4 tissues! But I think my sinuses were kinda clogged, 'cuz I got a nice sinus headache on the drive home. Wee!

I'm trying to figure out why I'm in such a good mood. I guess I just had fun, and it was good to meet new people that I could be open with, and who were the type that I would actually enjoy being friends with. It takes a certain type of person to be friends with me, so even seeing friend potential leaves a happy feeling. Plus it was an incredibly beautiful day today, and despite my brief bout of extreme pissed-offedness in the car (o road rage u), the sun kept me happy all day. I'm so shallow sometimes. I love it. ^_^

And now, to bed.



The Hidden Gay said...


Yeah let's focus on the road rage for a sec, because wow. I stopped telling a story. That takes some doing, we know how outspoken I am.

I still win for using zero tissues. Although I definitely had to clean my glasses afterwords.

Agreed on seeing El Ven and AtP...they are awesome peeps.

I'm going to usurp your blog space briefly and throw this out... I will indeed most likely be making my own blog...finally to the relief of so many of you...sigh. But I don't have time right now *high-five Salad* so it will be summerish...


salad said...

um yes, the road rage...I will admit to being a little worried at that point in the trip. We'll have to work on that for future road trips

by a thread said...

Pissed-offedness....I love that. I am gonna have to borrow it. :) Anyhow...you asked if I sing...yes I do...solos or in choirs both, I appreciate what I get from each experience.. Looks like you do too?! That is awesome. I feel the spirit so strongly through music. I bet you do also...mostly that is the reason I sing.

Samantha said...

You met some of my favorite people!! I adore AtP--he makes me laugh when I least expect it, and if ElV ever spends more than a mealtime with me, I'll love him, as well.

By the way, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog (that's for both of you).