Sunday, March 11, 2007

joseph smith movie is so sad

I'm tired to the point of almost falling over right now, so I'm going to keep this brief and without major aside. Salad had a job interview for a teaching position this morning, so we went up and I worked on homework in the car while she was interviewing. Afterwards we went to lunch, then headed up to Salt Lake to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Can I just say...I consider myself a fairly sensitive guy, but I don't often cry in movies. This movie is three for three in making me bawl, though. Not only does it have emotionally manipulative down, but there's honestly a lot of Spirit in it and a lot of power that transcends mere emotion. I love the movie. It's sad, but so sweet.

I'm really looking forward to talking with my bishop tomorrow. He's a fantastic guy that I trust completely. I've been in this ward for two years, and my cousins have been here for over three. Our bishop is like family. Salad and I are both going to go talk with him and let him know our situation, and I really want a priesthood blessing from a person who knows the story and what's going on, and who can hopefully be a conduit for God to directly address what I've been going through.

And now I really am literally too tired to keep my eyes open. While I'm typing. It's to the level of ridiculous, which means I have to shelf my desire to keep posting about interesting things and give it up for some future time.



-L- said...

How great that you have a bishop that has that much of your confidence. I appreciate your attitude in looking for strength from a priesthood leader. Good luck with that today!

salad said...

-l- i'm mildly disturbed that you are up at such an obnoxious hour! i hope you're in a different time zone at least. not that i have much room to talk, but at least i'm getting payed to be awake at 4 in the morning.

SG said...

I know what you mean about that movie. I lost it when young Joseph had his leg operated on and Lucy was across the field with his father and Alvin holding him. The first time I saw it my youngest son was eight years old; it was so easy to put myself in Joseph Sr.'s position.

I love the Prophet Joseph. I love what he stood for, all the experiences he had, the strength he demonstrated under the most extreme circumstances.

You're demonstrating great faith - the kind of faith the Lord wants us to have - in asking your bishop for a blessing. I'm sure you'll be blessed today!

Brandie said...

You write very well.